Suture Removal Scissors

SuperCut Goldman Fox Curved Scissors
Code: DT-03861097

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SuperCut Goldman Fox Curved Scissors ..

Littauer Angled Suture Removal Scissors
Code: DT-03861101

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Hooked End To Lift Suture ..

Locklin Angled Scissor
Code: DT-03861102

£0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00

Locklin Angled Scissor ..

Long Suture Scissors
Code: DT-03861103

£0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00

Long Suture Scissors ..

Featherlite Micropoint Scissor - Curved
Code: DT-03861105

£0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00

High Quality Delicate Scissors For All Surgical Procedures Featherlite Micropoints Take The "WINCE..

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